Led by Dr. Cheryl Thompson, Black Creative Lab aims to be an incubator for Black artists, dancers, filmmakers, writers, and creative individuals. Through public engagement, digital content creation, and collaborative projects, Black Creative Lab is creating space, encouraging dialogue, and developing opportunities for persons who identify as Black.


Mapping Ontario’s Black Archives:
Building an Inventory Through Storytelling and Community Engagement

Mapping Ontario’s Black Archives (MOBA) is an Ontario Early Researcher Award-funded project (2021-26) that has three objectives.

  1. To create a comprehensive inventory of Black Ontarian archival collections
  2. To examine, using storytelling, how archives are used by creative communities
  3. To evaluate, over a five-year period, how we can bridge the knowledge gap between Black archival collections and Black history in the province.

Blackface Resistance Entertainment in Canada

Blackface Resistance Entertainment in Canada (BREC) is a research site and archive created by Dr. Cheryl Thompson at Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU). As a professor at The Creative School, Dr. Cheryl’s research aims to disrupt, critique, and challenge the history of entertainment in North America by pinpointing how, where, when, and why blackface is at the centre of many of its productions, performers, and products. 

21st Century Black Podcast

This is the Podcast for Mapping Ontario’s Black Archives (MOBA). Stay tuned for more as we aim to engage in storytelling about Black collections across Canada, the US, and around the world.

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